Celebrating national Almond Day with Almond Scones

February 16, 2017

Today 2-16-2017 we celebrate National Almond Day, Yup its a thing, a day to celebrate all things almonds. READ MORE →

Pantry Essentials- Vinegars

January 16, 2017 vinegars

Have you cleaned out your pantry yet?  After the holiday rush has faded away, make some time to do a pantry clean out.   Toss out old and outdated ingredients , replenish and invest in a few new essentials to perk up your meals.  With just a splash of a well chosen vinegar you can instantly balance out flavors and add a new layer of yumminess.


Something my Grandmother used in her Kitchen

December 17, 2016

During this time of year, my kitchen is a hub of activity.  The kitchen is a place of relaxation  that brings me joy and nourishment.   I realize that this is not the case for everyone and many people avoid the kitchen.  Considering how important the food that we eat is to our overall health, isn’t it time you made The kitchen a Place you LOVE to be?

At a recent workshop I shared with the participants a reading from my book, “Cultivating Joy in the Kitchen”, that speaks to the importance of this topic.


Tips tips for making a Meal Plan

October 17, 2016

Save those Scraps & Save $$$

October 13, 2016 Vegetable Scrap Stock

Eating a healthy and nourishing diet doesn’t have to be expensive.  If you are cooking on a regular basis using whole and real ingredients and vegetables are a big part of you meals, don’t overlook the value and nutritional benefits of those scraps.  A very simple way to cut down on waste and food $$ is to start a scrap bucket.